Have you been injured in a car crash?

Do you feel you are not being represented by your
own insurance company?

Have you found ICBC to be pushy or trying to make
you feel guilty?

Is your adjuster urging you to settle right away?

Are you experiencing pain and difficulty in returning
to “normal” life?

You are not alone.  Thousands of British Columbians face these challenges every day and thousands walk away with a lower settlement than they are entitled to.

How do you protect yourself? How do you get what you deserve? What are your rights?

Our online course on “How to deal with ICBC” can help you get all the money you’re entitled to. You will learn both your rights and obligations in settling a personal injury claim with ICBC and you will learn the 6 critical steps to ensure you receive the highest possible settlement:

  • Getting what you deserve

  • Understanding ICBC

  • How to Assess Damages

  • Preparing to Negotiate

  • The Negotiation Process

  • Info you need to retain a Lawyer

For just $97 (including HST), our online video course offers a proven strategy that will get you a bigger settlement! Plus, you will get all the forms and documents you need in one convenient location. It's fast. It's easy and it comes with a money-back guarantee.

Still unsure? Try our "No Obligation," FREE Trial
and Decide for Yourself!

Or, better yet, sign up now for the online program and get your settlement moving forward today.


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I highly recommend this course.
I got considerably more $$ in my
settlement with ICBC than I would
have without it!

—J.M. Prince George, BC


Imagine for a moment you are trying to sell your house. You have a sense of what it's worth, but you don't know for sure. Now imagine a trained negotiator is representing the person buying your house. The buyer wants to pay as little as possible and his negotiator is going to try and tell you what your house is worth.

Would you want to know the true value of your home before you accept an offer? Of course you would.

This is the same situation you face when dealing with ICBC. Their trained adjusters are out to get the best deal possible for ICBC - not for you! You need to be prepared. You need to know your rights and what you're entitled to receive.

Our online course on How to Deal with ICBC gives you the best chance to get the settlement you deserve - without the cost of a laywer.