Resources available on the Web for dealing with an ICBC Personal Injury Claim

There are some resources available online that can assist in understanding a pursuing a claim against ICBC.

Jill Franklin, a writer who suffered a serious injury in a car crash, wrote a very informative book entitled, Auto Accident Survivor’s Guide for British Columbia.  You can purchase her book from me by going to or by going to her publisher’s website at

The book is well researched and excellent in understanding how to go through a personal injury claim.  It deals with more serious claims and assumes the reader will be using a lawyer to pursue their claim.

A book that deals specifically with whiplash type injuries is Surviving Whiplash, available at  This book has a great explanation of what a whiplash injury is, the treatments available, and a checklist that assists you in organizing information relevant to your claim.  To get an overview of the book, go to the video clips at  If you buy this book, start by looking at pages 67 – 89.

A lawyer who writes a weekly column has over one hundred archived articles at his website at (go to the “Published Columns” tab) is Paul Hergott.  Paul Hergott’s articles are clearly written in a folksy, easy to understand manner.  His articles are topical and very informative.  I like his early articles as he deals with a lot of the important basics in dealing with ICBC and other legal issues.

My favourite blog (besides this one) that also deals with ICBC is Erik Magrakin’s blog at  Erik’s blog is informative on the development of the law dealing with personal injury cases in this province.  He provides a very useful topical archive that can assist in valuing a claim.

I admire Erik because of the time and attention he puts in reviewing the court decisions, and providing a very useful and informative summary and analysis.

Lawyer Chris Temple provides useful information on his website  See his section on the top 12 expensive ICBC claim mistakes.  This is very useful to review prior to meeting with an insurance adjuster.

There’s another website out there worth mentioning; icbc advice dot com.  The person described as the “featured writer” and “Contributing Author” on this website is the same person, and the owner’s husband.

It lists “recommended service providers.”  I was on this list of recommended service providers for years as were many other lawyers who did great work for people with ICBC claims and other personal injury claims.  Late last year I received a series of emails saying that I would be removed from their site unless I paid a significant annual subscription fee.  I declined, as did most the lawyers who were previously on the site.

Now the site only contains lawyers who are willing to pay the subscription fee, with the “featured writer” as the most prominently displayed recommended lawyer.