How to Deal with ICBC

This online video course will teach you how to get fair compensation for the injuries you sustained in a motor vehicle accident in British Columbia.

But before you get started, did you know...

  1. Most people who are injured in motor vehicle accidents accept less than what they're entitled to.
  2. Going to court to fight for what you deserve can be expensive and could cost $5000 or more.

With our $89 online video course we are confident that you will receive greater compensation than if you attempted to settle with ICBC on your own.

This is a proven strategy and we are so confident that you will get a bigger settlement we’re offering a money back guarantee.

Take the course now and you'll receive:

  • Online video Tutorials with well-known trial lawyer and litigator, Terry Napora

  • Course content print outs and necessary document downloads

  • Professional ready-to-use forms designed for British Columbia laws

  • EASY TO USE damage assessment calculator

  • Proven negotiation techniques

  • Step by step instructions


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Its your responsibility to make your claim but don't settle until you consider all your options and know your rights. Remember, time is on your side.

There is a difference between fair compensation and what you're being offered by ICBC. It's up to you to determine and to explain what your claim is worth. Don't let ICBC make that assessment.

Remember: ICBC is there to protect the person who caused the car accident. They're not there to represent you. They're going to tell you what they're willing to pay you.

It is up to you to demonstrate what your case is worth and to tell them what you will accept in settlement.

"How to Deal with ICBC" will explain how to get fair compensation when negotiating your claim.


Or, try our FREE Introductory Video...